The 19th Annual Jamestown Kite Festival
June 8 and 9, 2013

Look at Who is Coming!

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180 Go!

180 GO! is a dedicated team of quad-line Stunt Kite fliers whose skill and mastery of the air is bringing a new level of excitement to kite festivals and other events. 180 GO! performs precision aerial maneuvers and dynamic formations against a backdrop of popular music that engages and excites crowds both young and old. During the last three years,180 GO! has performed at kite festivals in the Midwest and across the country.
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Larry Day
Clear Lake, Iowa

Larry’s collection of kites includes a number of mid-sized and mega Peter Lynn kites.  Larry and his wife, Kay, are the organizers of the "Color the Wind" kite festival in Clear Lake which is now the largest winter kite festival in the Midwest.
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Mike Gee
Jamestown, North Dakota

Mike likes all kinds of kites, but mostly makes and flies large single line kites. He is the founder of the Wings on Strings kite club and KiteFest.

Mike travels to kite festivals around the region, performs demos, and conducts kite building workshops.
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Don Murphy
Vista, Nebraska
A regular at KiteFest, Don is the former the Director for Region 7 of the American Kitefliers Association. Look for large kites and ground inflatables.
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Carveth and Luella Kramer
Taos, New Mexico

Carveth designs and handcrafts custom made banners, one at a time. The most popular are the large, prominent MEGA banners, 4 feet wide on 16 foot poles. They have a fun set for the kids called Wind Thru the Hair, which are cartoon profiles with multi-stand streamers of hair flowing off the end. Carveth mixes the sun, wind and rich fabric colors with the goal of bringing smiles to people’s faces.
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Chrystal Dunker
Lakefield, Minnesota

Chrystal Dunker is the executive director of the Prairie Ecology Bus Center (PEBC) in Lakefield, MN. As a regional environmental education center, the PEBC was looking for an annual event that was a natural fit for the center to provide. One didn’t have to look far! With a never ending supply of wind and wide open spaces, a family-oriented kite fly became the event of choice. Now in its 8th year, the Prairie Winds Kite Fly is held annually on the Saturday after Labor Day at the Jackson Municipal Airport in Jackson, MN.
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Jeff Kuhns
Omaha, Nebraska

Flying since 1999, Jeff Kuhns enjoys flying kites mainly for recreation.  Jeff is the main kite pilot and webmaster for Picture Pretty Kites and a flier for flier for Skydog kites. Also an active member of Midwest Winds Kite fliers, he loves to fly the big stuff, but prefers the interactivity of stunt kites, whether framed or foil. 
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Barb Meyer
Maple Grove, Minnesota

A regular attendee at Jamestown, Barb is the President of the American Kitefliers Association. Barb makes single line kites typically characterized by intricate, geometric, pieced designs and strong colors. She has won numerous awards for her kites and has chaired the AKA kite makers competition committee.
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Tony and Ann Killip
Wataga, Illinois

Tony & Ann Killip have been flying kites together for 40 years from the sandy beaches of Hawaii to the falls of the Niagara River. While they started out with small store bought kites, as the years passed their kites have gotten bigger and more expensive. They build most of their own kites now and like their kites big. They travel the country attending perhaps 12 or more kite festivals a year.
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Mark Brandt
Clear Lake, Iowa

Mark Brandt has been a kite enthusiast since 2001.  Mark, his wife and their two little girls reside in Clear Lake, IA.  His favorite kites are the large inflatables.
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Tom White
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tom White is from Winnipeg. He got into kite making (with an artistic flair) and traction flying shortly after Y2K. Tom specializes in soft (sparlesss) kites, four, two and one liners. Kites for serious traction/exercise/speed and kites for fun. Tom flies all year round and likes how quick it is to set up (and pack up) a sparless kite in the winter months! Single line lifters, long tails, 2 & 4 line sport kites round out the mix.
Tom is a member of the international development team of the NASA Parawing NPW9b. Tom designed the Tom-EEE! Human shaped drogue (see website).
Tom writes free PC computer programs for others to make their own scalable kites, scalable drogues, scalable bags and other kite related objects.
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Rena Rustad
North Dakota

Owner of Prairie Wind Kite Company, Rena has been putting kites into the hands of flyers at ND kite festivals for over 8 years.  Be sure to visit her trailer If you need a kite.
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Chris Dodson
Jamestown, North Dakota

The other part of the Wings on Strings kite club, Chris has competed and won awards in both sport kiting and kite building. He also experiments with aeolian, wind driven musical instruments. Check out his stuff at: