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North Dakota Amateur Softball Association

Amateur Softball Association

Monday Rainout Pushes Season Back

A storm everyone knew was coming but hoped would hold off long enough to get at least one game in did not cooperate. Instead, the games of Monday, July 21st have been postpned and will be played the following weel on July 28th. This will push the league night playoffs back to August 4th & 11th.

Coed Meeting Scheduled For July 27th

All teams interested in participating in this year's coed season are required to be represented at the managers' meeting 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 27th at IDK Bar & Grill. All players are welcome to attend. The $600 entry fee will be due at that meeting. The season will once again be played on Wednesday nights and begin on August 20th.

Friday Night Sandlot Tournament - July 25

Our final Friday night tournament is scheduled for July 25th (moved up one week so it does not coincide with the women's state tournaments hosted here) and be a sandlot format. Any player from one of our local men's association teams is eligible to enter this tournament. The entry fee is $5 per player. If you are insterested in playing, please be at the Hollcrest complex around 6:00 p.m. that evening to we have time to register players and put together the rosters. There will be once again giveaways as well as walk-up music. We are also looking into having a DJ for the night.

16 Teams Entered In 2014 State Tourneys

Deadline has passed, but late entries may be considered

As of June 30th, the following teams have submitted their entry fees for this year's state tournaments: IDK Soldiers (Class D), Valley City Merchants (Class D), KC Esto Dignus (challenge up to Class D), Kensal Merchants (Rec I), Knight of Columbus (Rec I), IDK Bar & Grill Wolf Pack (Rec I), RM Stoudt Shadowcats (Rec I), IDK Bar & Grill Ghost Peppers (Rec II East), Office Bar (Rec II East), Wimbledon Agroline (Rec II East), Shady's (Rec III East), Duratech (Rec IV West), Gundy's (Rec IV West), Office Bar (make-up roster for Masters 35), Tom's Electric (make-up roster for Masters 35), Tom's Electric (make-up roster for Masters 40).

Rosters Available To Download At

Rather than hand out rosters at the recent Winter Meeting, we are encouraging all managers to download a PDF version from the state association's web site. The online form may be printed and filled out in pen, although the state association would like for managers to type in all necessary information for the sake of legibility. Regardless, please be sure to print out both sides (one one page would be preferred, but not required). Ensure all players sign the roster before turning it in to a board member or our league representative. The roster form can be downloaded from the Forms page of

Player Classification Concerns

ASA's National Database Classifies Dozens Of Local Players

With the national and state associations attempting to shift to online registration of teams, efforts have been made to establish a database of players. At the higher classifications, that process took a large step forward with the announcement that the ASA's national player database had finally been completed and published. While the concept has merit, there will undoubtedly be issues early in the process.

Initial review of the database has resulted in concerns that many players are classified inaccurately, stemming largely from outdated data. Since that database will inevitably be used to classify teams locally under recently established guidelines, we strongly encourage all players to search for their name amongst the database and, if necessary, appeal their current classification (using the Appeal button at the top right corner of their player page). For your convenience, we have tried to extract from the database a list of local players that have been included.